How to do it if no gas flows through the gas meter?

How to do it if no gas flows through the gas meter?

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(1) The battery is low. Open the valve to change the battery.

If the voltage of the gas meter is too low, the valve will automatically shut off. This is the gas meter under-voltage protection function.

(2) There is no gas volume in the gas meter. The user takes the card to the outlets to recharge and then insert it into the gas meter to open the valve.

Smart gas meters are generally in prepaid mode. When the gas volume is used up, the valve will be automatically closed. When the gas volume is insufficient, the gas meter will have a sound prompt. The LCD will display the gas shortage to remind the user to recharge.

(3) There are strong magnetic objects around.

The smart gas meter will automatically shut off the valve when it is attacked by strong magnetism, indicating the corresponding fault code. First remove the strong magnetic objects around the gas meter such as microwave ovens, induction cookers, rice cookers, etc., and then contact the gas company.

(4) The gas meter has an action with alarm. When the gas alarm found gas leak, it not only can issue an alarm prompt, but also link the gas meter to close the valve. Do not turn on the gas, open the window for ventilation, and go outdoors to contact the gas company.

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