What ar the ommon problems in the application of IC gas meters

What ar the ommon problems in the application of IC gas meters

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Now gas meters have been applied widely, but some problems inevitably appear during use.


Counting discrepancy/no counting: Gear and micro switch aging or incorrect position; 2. Reed tube failure, resulting in more or less counting or even not counting of the electronic device.


Normally open valve: 1. Low battery power; 2. Reed tube failure caused by its quality or vibration, so that the electromechanical valve can not work.


Normally open valve (no gas, meter blockage): 1. The card is improperly inserted; 2. Meter failure; low battery power;


Long beep: Buzzer damaged


No buzzer: Buzzer short circuit


No card reading: 1. Cardholder oxidation, data line open circuit; 2. Low battery power.


Air leakage (internal leakage, external leakage): 1. Internal leakage: the airtightness of the electromechanical valve when it is closed is called internal leakage. Causes: the valve mouth and the valve cover is not closed tightly, such as burrs or flatness super poor, the valve cover and the valve mouth misalignment or half-open state. 2. External leakage: the air tightness of an electromechanical valve when it is opened is called external leakage. Causes: electromechanical valve push rod and seal ring sealing is not tight; gas gun and valve body connection is not tight; valve body and through and base table connection sealing is not tight.

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