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      Contact IC Card Diaphragm Gas Meter

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      Product description

      IC Card Smart Gas Meter



      The contact IC card smart gas meter with prepayment function is equipped with functional modules such as IC card and valve control switch to complete the gas volume reading and settlement. The meter accumulates the gas volume purchased by the users, monitors and records the gas use process, as well as conducts terminal settlement; the prepaid gas meter also automatically manages the valve according to the remaining gas volume and its operating status; Through the prepayment management system, independent payment terminal and Bluetooth card reader, the gas company's charging and user payment needs could be satisfied.


      Key Strengths

      • Amount/volume measurement (optional)
      • Prepayment functionality
      • Parameter passing via the card
      • Low power consumption design
      • Bar-code traceability
      • Multi-step gas pricing
      • IP65 protection grade
      • Anti-reverse ventilation and counting function
      • Real time fee deduction
      • Stable valve control
      • High measurement accuracy
      • Stable product performance with more than 20 years market application
      • Excellent card compatibility and system integration


      Safety Features

      • Abnormally high flow rate cut-off alarm
      • Long-term unused gas cut off alarm
      • No magnetic interference
      • Over-current protection
      • Autonomous valve shut off due to zero gas consumption, loss of power, deadlock and under-voltage
      • Gas anti-stealing
      • Low gas volume alarm
      • Anti-tamper protection



      Type G1.6 G2.5 G4
      Qmax (m3/h) 2.5 4 6
      Qmin (m3/h) 0.016 0.025 0.04
      Accuracy class 1.5
      Working voltage 6V
      Battery AA alkaline battery (NO. 5)
      Working temperature ﹣20℃~50℃
      Maximum working pressure 0.5bar
      Average working current ≤1mA
      Quiescent current ≤20μA
      Pressure absorption ≤160Pa
      Meter fittings central distance (mm) 130
      Degree of protection IP65
      ATEX ExibII BT3 Gb
      Measuring resolution 0.1m³
      Read-write cycles of IC card >100000 cycles
      Card slot durability > 10000 cycles
      Valve durability >10000 cycles
      Communication mode Contact IC card




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